Our Services

Our Services

From Our President

Today's economic conditions only exacerbate some deep seated trends in the electronics industry: Customers want innovations at commodity pricing. Foreign competitors are right at your heels to commoditize your success. Demand is global and markets unpredictable... and against efforts to achieve sustainable results, the quickened pace of innovation itself shortens the life cycle of sustainable competitive advantage - stressing the importance of time-to-market in the heightened necessity of well-executed strategies.

EGB™ was founded on principles to bring some old fashioned stability with the evolving best practices of our modern age. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner with whom to weather the supply and demand storms, EGB can help you bring about solutions however markets fluctuate: whether on-demand supply networks suddenly shift into the 'no-supplies base!'... or unforseen risks precipitate over-inventory or end of life issues.

With EGB you will find that principled relationships matter as well as return on asset: We care for your success, even if it means disengaging.

We invite you to experience the unique benefits of a collaborative relationship with EGB and learn how we can best service your requirements

Services to Execute your Strategies:

Global Sourcing Services, assist you fulfill demand for either low-mix/high-volume BOMs or high-mix/low-volumen RFPs by locating the best mix of solutions from across the globe.

Global Procurement Services, where we become part of your team to assist you execute your procurement strategy through our multi-regional approach of focusing on a core competency to complement & collaborate with your team's.

Inventory Management Services assist you optimize your inventories with the highest level of confidentiality. Beyond using industry-standard arrangements, we offer flexibility to match your resources and go to market approaches.

Ad Hoc Services solutions custom-designed through consultation.

Since 1984, EGB is in the flow of technology movements and can facilitate your business with customized go-to market approaches bringing:

  • Select product category expertise
  • A multi-regional execution
  • Giving anonymity to your strategies in the global village

To Manufacturers & Suppliers:

EGB is authorized to represent and market a select list of leading manufacturers.

We welcome your inquiries as we constantly look to bring innovative products to our marketplaces.

To our Clients & Prospective Customers:

EGB provides services tailored to each stage of your product life cycle and adaptive to your procurement process/requirements.

  • Solutions for each stage of your product life-cycle from
    • Global sourcing and second-sourcing
    • On-time launch and flawless ramp-up
    • Material cost reduction, or delivery enhancements
    • All the way to green end-of-life disposition
  • We apply our services as needed
    • Permanent procurement and supply, to...
    • One-time acquisitions (mitigate unforeseen risks)
    • Value-added services (functional testings, T&R etc)
    • Ad-hoc services